Don't Let Water Damage Affect Your Home or Apartment

Request quick water damage repair services or sump pump installations in Gardner, Lawrence, KS and surrounding areas

Even a small amount of water can cause serious issues, including flooded basements, cracked foundations and stained siding. That's why the pros at Rock Solid Foundation Repair provide water damage repair services in Gardner & Lawrence, KS. Not only can we fix current damage, but we can also provide preventive maintenance, such as downspout and sump pump installations.

Before we complete your repair, trust us to visit your property, take measurements, get photos and provide an estimate. Reach out to us today to get started on your repair task.

How can our crew help you?

Water damage repair is an easy task to complete when you have our contractor on call. We have the necessary tools and training to provide:

  • Sump pump installation and repair services - pump the excess water in your basement back outside
  • Foundation repair services - hire us to add an injection to fill the cracks in your leaking foundation
  • French drain installation and repair services - add an effective drainage system to your property to prevent water damage

We also offer exterior waterproofing services. Call 913-444-0115 now to find solutions to your water damage problems.

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